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Financial Professional: Field Guide to Dementia
Financial Professional: Toolkit for Clients with Dementia

Alzheimer’s advocate Lori La Bey is on a mission to help make the world “dementia friendly.”

“We have to change our culture in the way we care for one another and the way we manage our businesses,” La Bey told a group of financial professionals this spring in Houston during a Transamerica event.

Alzheimer’s Speaks

La Bey, whose mother lived with Alzheimer’s for three decades, is the founder of Alzheimer’s Speaks, an organization dedicated to helping people, businesses, and communities shift their thinking about dementia.

The former real estate agent said she can relate to financial professionals because she understands what it means to work with clients.

“Making sure my clients understood their options and how their lifestyle and health might impact those choices was critical, much like a financial professional,” La Bey said about her 25-year career in real estate.

In Houston, she urged financial professionals to do four things to help them develop a dementia-friendly business.  Watch the video to learn more.

“There’s a lot of community effort and government effort coming together to give support to people with dementia,” La Bey said. “Each of you is really in a power seat, not only to build bridges, but to help build your brand through just delivering services a bit differently.”

If you would like hard copies of any material, or to learn more about this topic, please contact your Transamerica wholesaler. Our Field Guide to Dementia program also includes a presentation designed specifically to educate financial professionals about how to help clients living with dementia.