Why It Matters:
  • There are a lot of technology tools available, and some are worth learning more about.
  • Fintech is developed to help financial professionals streamline their business.
  • Information security is vital to your clients and your business.

The beginning of a new year is a great time to take stock of what’s working in your business and possible areas of opportunity.

In the financial industry, like most others, it’s easy to find examples of how technology has changed the way companies and individuals are getting things done. Deciding which app or software is worth your time, effort, and money can take some research.

Whether you’re an early adopter or prefer to wait to see which options stand the test of time, we’ve researched options across key categories that just might peak your interest in 2018. The tools and resources we’ve included were chosen because they are either specifically for financial professionals or received strong online user and industry publication reviews.

1.Increase productivity

Many of your clients are likely looking for more from you than a simple transaction. But developing relationships takes time. One way to better meet your clients needs is to look at how to increase your productivity. Queue fintech. Whether you’re ready to hand off scheduling or filling out financial forms, there’s fintech software that can help.

These tools have been developed to take some of the more time consuming parts of your business off your plate:

  • Scheduleonce is a meeting and appointment scheduling software.
  • Meetin.gs makes is super easy to schedule and prepare for meetings, it even lets others see your calendar so they can schedule time with you based on your availability.
  • Time Zone Ninja helps make it easier to schedule appointments with contacts in international time zones.
  • Laser App this software fills out financial forms freeing you up to focus on actual clients instead of paperwork.
  • Formatta provides 24/7-access to documents online and offline so it’s easier and faster to manage and amend data.
  • Redtail provides document management focused on security and access.
  • Followupcc allows you to set up reminders so you’re able to follow up on important emails and conversations.
  • Boomerang works with Gmail, Outlook, and mobile devices and allows you to write emails now and schedule them to be sent at an optimal time as well as send reminder to follow-up.
  • Followupthen helps manage how you follow-up on emails, and there’s no limit to how many emails you can send.
2. Improve document management, storage, and access

As the amount of content you and your business are responsible for increases, you can either invest in larger and larger file cabinets or look into a digital tool. With the latter option, content and document management, services are available from a host of companies that can transform how you manage client and company information. Some are cloud-based and offer 24/7-access to your documents no matter where you, your clients, and team members are located. From digital document storage and digitized customer paperwork, to operational analytics, these options are designed to help streamline and improve efficiency.

  • Laserfiche offers document management and enterprise content management.
  • Worldox provides cloud-based document and email management.
  • DocuSign makes signing and tracking important documents fast and easy for you and your clients.
3. Streamline client relationship management

Today’s financial professionals are managing relationships, not simply a list of contacts. And companies have responded by developing options specifically designed for financial professionals. In general, today’s CRM (client relationship management) tools include options to help you manage client interactions, improve workflow and communication, provide access to comprehensive client information, and the ability to track opportunities. Some even allow you to manage your calendar and keep in touch with team members.

  • Junxure is a CRM tool that helps you deliver a great client experience through an online, secure platform.
  • Wealthbox, also a CRM, offers full integration among you, your team, and your clients on a secure platform.
  • Salesforce is a well-known cloud-based CRM tool that helps align sales and marketing efforts as well as client relationship management efforts.
4. Take Action on Cybersecurity

The importance of online security should not be overlooked. Hackers have shown relentlessness when it comes to illegally obtaining company and personal information. There are companies, however working diligently to help protect your information as well as your clients. Cybersecurity may not be your favorite topic, but it is one you may want to be well informed on and these organizations can help you do that.

In addition to FINRA, the SEC is another industry-specific resource that can help financial professionals stay abreast of the latest in cybersecurity. For ongoing information and updates on fintech, PCMag, Investment News, and Business.com also provide ongoing information on the latest in apps, tools, software, and more. You can also visit the app store on your smartphone to search for apps that can help in key areas of your daily business on the go.

The future is here and with it comes new ways to do business. Whether you welcome the changes or prefer things the way they’ve always been, taking time to know what’s out there can help you decide which new tools might help you grow your business and which ones to avoid. Transamerica doesn’t endorse services or tools listed above. We recommend working with your company’s IT and HR teams to ensure you choose resources that meet your specific needs and requirements.

Things to Consider:
  • Fintech is typically developed specifically for financial professionals.
  • Software can free you up to work directly with clients instead of doing paperwork.
  • Be aware of cybersecurity steps you can take to protect your clients and your business.